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The Reading Lab: Shorthand – Twitter workshop with

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2011-09-09 - 2011-09-10 Four Domes Pavilion

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photo: Agnieszka Słodownik

Text messaging, Facebook statuses, tweets, e-mails that no longer resemble classic letters, even Post-it notes – everything requires literacy. Sometimes these abilities turn out quite uncommon. Laconism and informality, measured not only by the sense of humour, but also by the healthy distance to the issue being touched upon, seem to be the most important features of these – commonly literary – expressions. It’s likely that the attention to the quality of the written word and the habit of reading could be instilled in the general public just at this very basic level.

It’s not just an attempt to desperately observe traditional linguistic rules. On the contrary, it’s quite interesting to raise the question how does the language itself change when new tools appear and new communication techniques, generated by these tools, come into use. What happens to the text when we no longer use the Polish alphabet, when we save space and do not put a space after a dot at the end of the sentence, or when we realize that the more letters, the higher cost (SMS), or the lower chance to send a tweet (Twitter)? And how does the meaning change in such a situation? Does the smiley :) that on the one hand makes the message laconic, but on the other hand is a sign of that trendy distance, adds variety to one’s expression, or makes it trivialised?

Tweet workshops are organised by; John Wray, a New York writer and columnist who has been writing a twitter novel for two years, will be the trainer.

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