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The Reading Lab: Comixing – collective post-it comics

workshop / interactive

2011-09-09 - 2011-09-10 Four Domes Pavilion

informacje o biletach

photo: Robert Sienicki

Interdisciplinarity of narrations isn’t anything new, and such a genre as comics – a one of its kind combination of pictures and texts – is a good exemplification of that thesis. We will try to initiate at the Congress a comics project: the idea is to come from the ‘analogue’ form and end up with something being more in the ‘new-media’ style.

Robert Sienicki and Agata Wawryniuk will moderate a session where participants will jointly create a comics on the post-it notes. All interested are invited to collective drawing, writing and inventing stories. These stories, meant to originate from a single picture, will then become parallel developed in many various ways, with particular threads possibly merging here and there, as the entire event is to take place in the specially designed space of the Reading Room. With the completion of this stage of the project, such created works will be scanned and used as a material for the interactive on-line application. The second stage is to be executed on the Web.

What will come into existence as a result of the collective comics-making? Will the scanned Post-it notes become ‘bricks’ that build other online created stories? We will see.

The Polish Association of Comix is the partner of Comixing sessions

Curated by Agnieszka Słodownik