Krajowy Program Kulturalny Polskiej Prezydencji



Sebastian Stypczyński

Dziesiątki wydarzeń w polskich miastach, ponad 70 festiwali i projektów specjalnych. Przed, w trakcie i po Europejskim Kongresie Kultury artyści opanują kraj.

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    Alakazaam-information found, prebolm solved, thanks!

  2. QGWFkrtWkHQoQVlGStI2011-09-16 06:26:54

    How could any of this be better sttaed? It couldn't.

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  4. fbaVjiISXcZFBdfzAoV2012-03-04 15:42:38

    I suppose those coetmnms are flattery of a sort, aren't they ?To tie it together, as best I can, I think that we can't just hand-wave away peoples' behavior as unchangeable given their circumstances. There are cultural influences on people's decisions, and Britain's poor people aren't so poor that they can't control their lives. In fact, if you look at the history of the working poor since Thatcher, they've been more than happy to take extremely large loans to invest in extremely risky housing ventures with a not-so-high rate of return, but not very willing to take much smaller loans to invest in the extremely low-risk, high-benefit process of getting a tertiary education. Not to mention their inclination for loans for lifestyle goods. Yet the left would have us believe that increased fees will defer poor people from getting an education? Hand-wringing and looking elsewhere to explain a consumerist and anti-education culture is not such a good idea.On top of this, Britain's poor and working class have a strong tendency to blame foreigners for all their problems. And a lot of finger-pointing at each other and looking the other way and wondering why someone else won't clean up their problems for them. All of these cultural problems are presided over by a left-wing movement in Britain that won't take lessons from overseas; and a labour movement that had a party in government for the last 10 years. Somewhere along the line these people have to take responsibility for this culture. A strong, class-conscious and self-confident working class does not riot in its own communities and destroy them; it takes on the police or riots in rich areas. The political organs of a strong, class-conscious and self-confident working class does not look at the murder of a man like Menezes or the poor newspaper vendor whose name I always forget and think nothing to see here, move on. They certainly don't continue blaming all these problems on Thatcher. New labour was in a position to fix a lot of these problems and squandered it. New Labour was the product of old Labour and the labour movement, and the left more broadly. Unless we want to pretend that the culture in our working class and poor communities is completely beyond the left's control. In which case wtf are we here for?

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  10. SUCOyLjaxIekrDW2012-08-02 10:28:46

    Love the shy ballerina super cute and Miss Rachael is all about bows an hedaabnds these days. She would have a blast picking out stuff for her hair! I can't wait to share this on FB so my other friends can see how amazing your photo are!

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  16. DRjEjuAOveapfAQxu2012-09-11 16:00:11

    I love the confections hbnedaad (it's hard to find non-tacky white hair items) and all the cute owl felt items. Really adorable stuff! Luv it! You know I already like ya, and I posted on my FB status!

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  18. HpnzqokKzLLmRfE2012-09-12 00:02:51

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