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Doc Next Network


Doc Next Network is a unique European movement – now active in the UK, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Turkey – bringing the work of a new generation of media-makers into view.

Who are we? We are programmers, curators, researchers, producers, educators, cultural entrepreneurs and we work with young people and creative media.

We are showcasing alternative perspectives on contemporary Europe by collecting the views and stories of young media-makers. We make room for a new generation of media-makers, including those who are likely to be excluded from mainstream public discourse. We put young people’s messages ‘out there’.

Doc Next Network is building up an accessible and broad collection of (alternative) documentaries. This media collection –which includes short, experimental productions, videos, blogs, audio reportage and short films- offers reflections on what living in Europe really means. During the Culture Congress at special screenings in Festival Club we will present a selection of movies from our media collection, created by young people from all over the Europe. What is really a life in Europe for them? What do they think about the world around?

During the Culture Congress we want to tell about what we do. Come and visit us in a specially designed for this occasion container, located very near to the Festival Club. Inside you can watch the movies from our media collection, get more information about the activities of the network, receive our welcome pack with promotional materials or just rest on comfortable bin bags in a space designed by young Polish architects and graphic designers from Super Super and video artist Karol Rakowski.

We wait for you until the evening! Come and discover what Europe is really about!

Doc Next Network is initiated by European Cultural Foundation. The partners: The Association of Creative Iniciatives ę, British Film Institute, Metropolis TV, Zemos 98, Mode Istambul, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

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