Dorota Monkiewicz


Date and place of birth: 1961, Warsaw, Poland

Living place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: art criticism, art history

ECC Participation: publication

photo: private archive

One of the most prominent curators and art critics in Poland. She co-authored the Program Policy of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum – an emerging institution which aside from exhibiting contemporary art will focus on educational and social projects linked to the cultural heritage of the city of Wrocław. She is also supervising, on part of the city, the establishment of the Museum. The Museum’s temporary seat will be located in a German air raid shelter in the centre of Wrocław and will open its doors in September 2011, a week before the European Culture Congress.

”The knowledge obtained through experiencing is conducive to increasing the audience’s self-knowledge and defining the audience’s self-identity.”

Before she took up the task of organizing the Wrocław Contemporary Museum in 2009, she had been the curator of contemporary art at the National Museum in Warsaw. She had also founded the Foundation for Contemporary Art of the National Museum in Warsaw and served as the chairman of the Polish Section of AICA (Association of Art Critics).

As a curator she focuses on conceptual, feminist, and critical art (i.a. “Free/At Last. Polish Art after 1989”, 2000; “Ewa Partum. Self-identification”, 2006; “Zbigniew Libera. Works 1982-2008”, 2009). She has also experimented with various arrangements of collections of Polish contemporary art (“Potential” in the Metropolitan building in Warsaw, 2005 or “Points of reference” in the National Museum in Warsaw, 2008.) She is an author of over one hundred articles on various artists, exhibitions, and dilemmas of contemporary art. She is an active participant in debates and scientific conferences.

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