Yourgos Loukos


Date and place of birth: 1948, Athens, Greece

Living place: Lyon, France

Theme: theatre

ECC Participation: Congress Council

Yourgos Loukos is a dancer, choreographer and culture manager. He has managed the International Theatre Festival in Athens since 2005. Under his curatorship, the festival became one of the most important theatre events of the Old Continent. Loukos opened the Athens festival to the world and to modern theatrical forms. The event takes place annually, during several summer weeks. Over 100 performances on show present a selection of what is currently most important in performing arts, from dance theatre to performance art.

„The interculture and the exchange and everything to me is the very base of art. If there is something we can say about art is art does not need a passport, no visa.”

Yourgos Loukos studied architecture at École des Beaux-Art in Paris and philosophy at Université de Provence. It was then that he took up dance lessons. Later on, he danced both classical and modern repertoire in the Zurich Opera, Théâtre du Silence in Paris, Ballet National de Marseille and Metropolitan Opera in New York.

In 1984 he worked with the distinguished American avant-garde director, Robert Wilson, who staged his Medea with Le Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon. Loukos has been involved with the company since then. In 1991 he was appointed the director of the ensemble and has run it successfully since then. Loukos has managed the bi-annual International Dance Festival in Cannes since 1992.

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