Jérôme Delormas


Birthdate: 1962

Living place: Paris, France

Theme: digital art, contemporary music

ECC Participation: event curator

photo: private archive

Managing and Artistic Director of la Gaîté lyrique, a Paris-based, ultra-modern cultural centre dedicated to digital arts and contemporary music based in Paris. The programs ran at la Gaîté lyrique are in touch with the ceaseless redefinition of artistic and cultural fields due to digital practices.

In the course of a career which successively touched upon contemporary dance, music, graphic design and the visual arts, Delormas has always remained in touch with the technological and artistic developments brought in by the digital revolution, encouraging artists to take to these new fields of experimentation.

Formerly the director of Lux-scène nationale de Valence and of the Ferme du Buisson's art center, Delormas was also director of the Kansai Franco-Japanese institute and the Kujoyama villa at Kyoto, cultural attaché at Bilbao and has occupied various positions at the Ministry of Culture including that of member of the expert committee on dance and advisor for the visual arts. He was also co-director of 2007 edition of Paris' Nuit Blanche (Paris’ White Night) annual celebration of different disciplines of art and culture.

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