A Soul For Europe


Living place: Amsterdam, Netherlands / Brussels, Belgium / Berlin, Germany / Porto, Portugal / Belgrade, Serbia /

Theme: cultural advocacy

ECC Participation: panel member, event curator

photo: A Soul for Europe/Yehuda Swed

“A Soul for Europe” is a civil-society initiative that acts dynamically at the European level; it consistently and highly effectively lobbies for a Europe that recognizes the importance of culture for the process of identity and integration: Strategy Group members of “A Soul for Europe”, among whom are activists from 21 countries, pursue the defined goal of making cultural and political actors in Europe aware that culture cannot be considered just one of many elements of the EU budgets and sector debates, but instead it should become an important, if not crucial, point of reference for all political decisions and bills, as it is the overriding factor in the process of integration.

“A Soul for Europe” has its offices in Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Belgrade, Porto and Tbilisi. The 55 members of the Strategy Group (which includes people of many fields of activity – from culture, science, media and business) are fieldworkers that co-operate with local communities, and thus realize the idea of Europe that belongs to Europeans instead of institutions and administrative structures. Their activity contributes to the development of civil society. The liaison between “A Soul for Europe” and policy makers at the European Parliament is the non-party Parliamentarian Working Group, being composed of politicians and independent advisers. The well-thought-out and consistent strategy adopted by “A Soul for Europe” brought lots of valuable solutions and contributed to the development and realization of many long-term socio-cultural projects all over Europe.

The organisational back-up for the initiative’s projects are four offices in Europe hosted by international organisations: Felix Meritis Foundation in Amsterdam, Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, the European House for Culture in Brussels and Setepés in Porto. The Cultural Front Belgrade and the Stichting Caucasus Foundation in Tbilisi are associated partner offices.

For more information about the work of the initiative, please see www.asoulforeurope.eu.

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