idea / why congress?

Culture without limits

Bogdan Zdrojewski

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The European Culture Congress, initiated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, is an unprecedented event within the cultural space of the Polish Presidency and another step in the ongoing public debate that has been gaining momentum in Poland since 2009, when the Polish Culture Congress took place in Kraków. The 2009 Congress resulted in many new and valuable civic initiatives, also those by independent circles creating culture, as well as projects being carried out by cultural institutions.

In the contemporary world, culture is no longer an isolated area with access open to experts only – it has become the lifeblood of social and civilization development. It builds social capital, contributes to economic development and, as a creativity boost, inspires to look for new solutions and means of expression, providing tools necessary to explore the world and analyse it critically.

That is how – holistically – we understand culture and that is why we have invited to participation in the European Culture Congress – a huge meeting that goes beyond the boundaries of the Old Continent – artists, theoreticians, critics, cultural institutions, NGOs, activists and all those, who are involved in culture and who prove by their activity that culture is not only the best instrument allowing to function soundly in the world, but also a driving force that, due to its common and individual dimensions, leads to a real social change.

I am convinced that the European Culture Congress in Wrocław will be a genuine Meeting that inspires discussions, a Meeting with artistic experiences and joy derived from celebration of the European culture.

Bogdan Zdrojewski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage