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Rafał Dutkiewicz

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Wrocław, it is in no way possible to start any discussion about changes in culture, or changes through culture, not being aware that after the Second World War the population of this city has changed, or to be more precise, has been changed completely. It was one of the few social processes in Europe, and probably in the whole world, on such a large scale; it was a process with consequences that redefined the life and shape of the city. At the end of the forties of the past century, the former residents abandoned it leaving behind the indeed destroyed, although still rich material legacy. However, they took away with them the entire intellectual and cultural potential that had been characterising this place so far. Then the ‘new’ ones flew in, with their own accumulated experience and their own culture. And a miracle happened. The newcomers quickly filled up the empty and ruined space. They reconstructed the most beautiful buildings, theatres, concert halls, decorating them with their own works, frequently brilliant ones.

The famous conception of Richard Florida says that only communities that properly foster, develop and take care of the triple-T triad – tolerance, talent and technology – are destined for success. Only open and tolerant societies can attract talents who, by creating and developing new technologies, move the world forward. We would like to add another element to this triad, namely identity.

We believe in openness. It builds and lets us create. Openness is linked with tolerance, by which we understand forbearance towards other people’s culture, beliefs and views, even if our ones are different. But tolerance is idle if it is not supported by identity. Identity complements tolerance. These are two keywords that we are trying to fill Wrocław with, and to be successful in this undertaking, we definitely need CULTURE.

Rafał Dutkiewicz, Mayor of Wrocław