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The Wall – Internet Recycling


The Wall project allows people to create collages out of pictures from the Internet.

The experience is like using building blocks, where different configurations result in different meanings. It can also function as a device for sharing your favorite web artifacts and websites or creating visuals on a given topic.

Regardless of individual approach, we propose to split the creation of Walls into two categories – competition and freestyle.

The competitions will be announced every other week, up until the opening of the Congress. The themes of the competitions will mirror the themes of ECC panels. Creators of the most interesting Walls will receive books and DVDs from the National Audiovisual Institute catalog.

There will not be any themes in the freestyle category (aside from those spelled out in the rules and regulations.) We are looking forward to experiencing the craftiness and creativity of our participants. Before the Congress starts, we will choose the most interesting and original one from all the Walls submitted to the freestyle category and its author will be honored with a special prize.

The Wall project was inspired by the form and resources of the Internet. In the span of a few years, the Internet has become a bottomless pit, containing billions upon billions of bits of information, images, audio and video files. Some of them are useful and necessary, others are completely useless; some are important, others are trifling; some are clever, others are stupid; some are beautiful, others are disgusting. The Internet has become an archive of our civilization. This vast database, governed by its own laws, chaotic and fascinating, is just too much for our cognitive skills to handle. Zygmunt Bauman called this informational overload a “wall of knowledge,” impenetrable and unknowable.

Instead of starting from scratch, we propose to recycle already existing images, thus placing them in new contexts and giving them new meaning.

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