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The opening of MOCAK - the Museum of Modern Art in Cracow. An unofficial report.

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    Yeah, that's the tikcet, sir or ma'am

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  10. vgNtenOequ2012-09-12 01:52:06

    How different is it-or need to be? Instead of tniryg to create something outlandish, we should be tniryg to figure out the way to advance a pro-white agenda which fits as much as possible with what the average white person wants. Most ordinary white people will be quite happy to go back to the days when you didn't have to press 2 for English', get strip-searched to go on an airplane, or deal with a massive, burdensome federal government, as long as we keep the weirdness and carnage to a minimum.Now, to sum up my response to your postings across 3 different threads into one post, I have gathered that your version of WN' is quite alien to most whites (at least those in the Anglosphere). You yourself admitted on another thread that most WNs' you know are over 40 and childless' (most WNs I know are under 40). Since it's alien, most whites will be repulsed by it as much as they are by the costume crew, and I'm inclined for this reason to distance myself from it, especially since I can see no productive purpose it serves whatsoever.PS the Spectator article linked to by JW is a long but quite excellent read.

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  12. zfqLhOKCgyhPX2012-09-12 03:08:48

    I was sructk by the honesty of your posting

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    Habeda ido con mis padres a una boda, yo tendreda unos 10 af1os, cuadno en el banquete me habredan llevado algun plato que me estaba gustando mucho y en eso estaba ya que no recuerdo ningun detalle mas de la boda. Llegf3 el camarero a retirar el plato para proseguir con el siguiente y se produjo una lucha por plato entre el camarero y yo, e9l tirando por un lado, yo por el otro, ni el uno ni el otro soltaba. Finalmente alguien se dif3 cuenta y no se le ocurrif3 otra cosa que inmortalizar el momento con una fotografeda. Y ahed este1 mi recuerdo que permanecere1 en el tiempo gracias a esa foto. (Sef1ores camareros, si un nif1o disfruta de un plato, no se lo arrebaten de manera tan cruel, dejen que acabe y lo disfrute)

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  16. cZXsSoUYYQ2012-09-12 07:53:23

    Don’t these people know there is a cisirs?? Apparently the cisirs has been put on hold until Pelosi and Reid call Congress back from their two day holiday.

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  52. 2015-07-10 14:02:55

  53. 2015-07-10 22:44:02

    Somewhat so very creepy and yet, such a peeufacl moment. I felt like I had just passed by a door at the Stanley Hotel and stopped to peek in.Kubrick would have been be hard pressed not to steal this clip from you.

  54. 2015-07-10 22:44:07

  55. 2015-07-11 01:44:19

    Catania.Ma il mio idioletto e8 pisutotto composito: solo la famiglia di mio padre e8 di Catania, quella di mia madre viene da Villarosa, provincia di Enna - che a sua volta e8 un borgo di minatori di fondazione recente, i miei nonni erano la prima generazione nata in loco; credo di aver ricostruito che la famiglia di mio nonno fosse di Bagheria, presso Palermo, quella di mia nonna di Petralia, sulle Madonie.E io?If9 nenti ci trasu, annascii a Bergamo (provincia, diciamo). :-P

  56. 2015-07-11 01:44:22

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