themes / Laboratory of Risk

Laboratory of Risk art and science

moderator: Balázs Lévai
participants: Łukasz Turski / Eran Neuman / Mateusz Herczka / Graham Burnett

Terms such as biotechnology, game theory, and fractals have become a permanent addition to the artist’s vocabulary. Artists use scientific achievements: they broaden definitions, and exploit mathematical paradoxes and antinomies.

Molecular and even quantum physics can serve as a template for a sculpture or a building. Achievements in neuroscience inspire painters and movie directors. Artists use equations and algorithms to design interfaces and software that improves their rapport with audiences. One factor that enables the symbiosis of both fields is the unbelievable progress of technology, which supports and controls an increasingly larger part of the human experience. Artistic and scientific endeavors are connected by their participants’ willingness to take risks and experiment, which is crucial in the processes of exploration, invention and creation.

Is the modern artist becoming a scientist? Or perhaps it is the scientists who is becoming an artist?

We would like to discuss the differences and similarities between the roles of the scientist and the artist; we wish to consider whether art inspired by scientific achievements serves to popularize these accomplishments or make them seem superficial, and to think about the role risk plays in the jobs of the artist and the scientist.