themes / Lost in Culture

Lost in Culture interdisciplinarity

moderator: Antónia Mészáros
participants: Diedrich Diederichsen / Jan Fabre / Ewa Rewers / Krzysztof Wodiczko

Art has long questioned and torn down the traditional division between different modes of expressions. We living in a culture of radical interdisciplinarity. Experimental art employs the language of science, challenging notions of aesthetics and artistry, bringing previously excluded disciplines into the artistic fold, and expanding its own definition with ever-increasing speed.

Equipped with only the traditional definitions of art, the audience is bound to lose itself in modern cultural reality. It does not have the appropriate cognitive tools to understand interdisciplinary works of art, because cultural and educational institutions foster a definition of art that is ancient, compromised and has been repeatedly challenged by the artists themselves.

What new cultural capacities are needed for understanding modern, interdisciplinary works of art?

We would like to discuss whether the interdisciplinarity of contemporary culture is an irreversible phenomenon, and how to stay oriented in a space where the boundaries between different fields of art have been blurred, one that Zygmunt Bauman describes as “a place with no road signs nor threshing machine”; we also wish to discuss how the nature of contemporary culture affects cultural education and how cultural institutions function.