Polski Theatre in Wrocław

The building of the Polski Theatre in Wrocław was erected in 1906 on the initiative by Paul Auerbach, a merchant from Wrocław. Its project, with elevation in the spirit of late Art Nouveau, was designed by a Berliner architect Walter Hentschel. Originally the building housed the Wrocław operetta called Schauspielhaus. The edifice was functionally and technologically modern; its reinforced concrete construction was copied seven years later in the Centennial Hall.

The building was destroyed at the end of the World War II and then rebuilt in 1950 as Polski Theatre. In 1994, fire consumed the auditorium, and the theatre – after necessary renovations, with the new auditorium designed by Wiktor Jackiewicz – reopened in 1996.

There are now three scenes of the Polski Theatre: Scena Kameralna (28 Świdnicka str.) Scena na Świebodzkim (20c Orląt Lwowskich sq.) and Scena im. Jerzego Grzegorzewskiego (ul. Zapolskiej 3)

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