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Regional Center for Business Tourism

The Regional Centre for Business Tourism was established in the former Restaurant Pavilion designed by Max Berg in 1913.

The original architect's plans included a future expansion of the Restaurant Pavilion which allowed the construction of the Regional Centre for Business Tourism even though the building was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Berg's records have foreseen the expansion of the Centre’s area to the extent covered by the recently completed renovation works. The original concept served as one of the major guidelines for the architectural contest held in the Summer of 2007. An international jury picked the winners – a group of architect studios which among others included Architects & Co. (Andrzej Chrzanowski), ch+ (Agnieszka and Wojciech Chrzanowscy) and VROA (Marta Mnich, Ɓukasz Wojciechowski).

C1    Multifunctional Hall (A Soul for Europe discussions, Idea Generator)
C2   Bistro
C3   Computer Stand
C4   Auditorium (Culture INC., The Cyberiad, Recycled Culture, Dangerous Liasons, Wikianarchy, Alien Europe)
C5   Conference Halls CD (Idea Generator)
C6   Conference Halls AB