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Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall (Ger. Jahrhunderthalle), referred to as the People’s Hall during the communist era, is a sport and entertainment complex situated in Szczytnicki Park in Wrocław.
Raised in 1911–1913 in accordance with the project of Max Berg, it is considered a fundamental landmark of Modernist architecture.

In 2006 the hall was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was also listed in the Polish record of architectural monuments in 1962 and in 1977, accompanied by its architectural complex which, among others, includes the Pavilion of Four Dome Roofs, the Pergola, and the Spire.

At present the Hall and its surroundings are frequently visited by tourists and the local people, not only because of their architectural virtues, but also due to their close proximity to the Pergola with its Multimedia Fountain, the Japanese Garden, and the ZOO.

H1    Concert Hall (ECC Inauguration, Penderecki, Greenwood & Aphex Twin live, Dock's Docs Gdańsk Remix final, ECC Closing Ceremony)
H2   Exhibition Space
H3   Emergency Room
H4   Press Room
H5   „Tomorrow never dies” Design Exhibition
H6   Medical Aid Post