Raquel Xalabarder


Living place: Barcelona, Spain

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

A lawyer specializing in copyright law. Her scientific and academic work concentrates on the subject of intellectual property, pertaining to art, film and entertainment industry, as well as the Internet. Collaborates with the Open Educational Resources (OER) – a movement created under the auspices of UNESCO, dedicated to creating universal educational resources for all mankind.

“People are now more and more aware of what it takes to be an artist and why art should be protected by law.”

In both her lectures and publications Xalabarder underlines the fact that in the era of the mass access to the Internet the copyright is practically defunct: the market became global, while the law still functions only at the territorial level. She argues that it is necessary to introduce legislation based upon international consensus. While analyzing the largest initiative of the aforementioned type – the Creative Commons – she points out that it should be not perceived as a anti-copyright movement. Copyright does not hinder the creative process, on the contrary – it supports the artist.

Xalabander obtained her degree at the Barcelona University and the Columbia University Law School in New York. She is a lecturer at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona.

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