Bilyana Tomova


Date and place of birth: 1965, Sofia, Bulgaria

Living place: Sofia, Bulgaria

Theme: economy

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Bulgarian economist specializing in e.g. art market, cultural politics and culture financing. Her Ph. D. dissertation was entitled Principles of Market Functioning in Art – Abilities of Development. She has been a professor of economy at the Technical University of Sofia since 1995. Tomova has been teaching art management and sponsoring at her alma mater, University of National and World Economy in Sofia, since 2001.

"Youth culture in 21st century is inevitably market driven. Fashionable brand names are a key conversation topic among youngsters.”

Tomova has been a member of the Circle Network (European organization shaping various models of cultural politics) since 2000; has worked with the National Film Institute since 2004. Her knowledge and experience greatly contributed to the large-scale “Technological Park Culture” program, the scope of which was to create a strategy and scale of the cooperation between various cultural and art entities. Tomova was among the founders of the National Civic Forum for Culture and has been its expert. Her research focuses on the market mechanisms of financing culture and of culture lobbying; she also works on the principles of state subsidies functioning. 

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