Dejan Ilić


Date and place of birth: 1965, Zemun, Serbia

Living place: Belgrade, Serbia

Theme: literature studies, journalism

ECC Participation: moderator

photo: Mina Ilić, Ana Ilić

Ilić is a literary expert, journalist, publisher, and translator. In 1994, he founded the most important literary-slash-social-and-cultural-commentary magazine in Serbia called “Reč” (“Word,”) of which he is now editor-in-chief. In 2003, he established “Fabrika knijga” (“Book Factory”), a publishing house specializing in books covering the former Yugoslavia and the events of the 1990s therein.

Ilić is one of these Serbian intellectuals that oppose politics based on falsifying history and nationalist impulses. He frequently works with the most important media outlets that support democratic transformations in Serbia, like the universally respected in former Yugoslavia web portal Peščanik.

“I do not believe in Aesthetics that is separated from Ethics.”

He organized debates, lectures and presentations on wide variety of subjects, such as gender, society and the causes, forms, and effects of the wars in former Yugoslavia. He was involved with multiple institutions and NGOs (Belgrade Center for Human Rights; UNDP Transitional Justice Programme for Parliamentarians; Group 484; Cultural Decontamination Center; Serbian National Library and the National Democratic Institute based in Washington, D.C.) In 2001 he served as the assistant director of the Documentation Center “Wars 1991 - 1995”.

Ilić studied literary theory at the University of Belgrade, he is also a graduate of the gender and culture studies program at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. He is an accomplished author and translator, his works (among them translations of Judith Butler and Hannah Arendt) have been published by the most respected magazines in former Yugoslavia.

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