Annette Gerlach


Date and place of birth: 1964, Berlin, Germany

Living place: Strasbourg, France

Theme: journalism

ECC Participation: moderator

photo: William Alix

Journalist of the TV channel Arte; Berliner by descent, French by choice, and European by conviction. We can watch Annette Gerlach on the magazine Arte Kultur.

She studied economy. Her journalist career began in the weekly “Le Nouvel Observateur”. In 1992, she started collaboration with the just emerging Arte – an international TV channel dedicated to highbrow culture, with programmes in French and German. This TV channel is a partner of public broadcasters like BBC, Spanish TVE and public TV in Sweden or the Netherlands. Arte, located in Strasburg, hosts reportages and thematic discussions, broadcasts theatre and opera performances, screens ambitious films.

In 1998-2003, Gerlach was a newscaster, she also prepared the news. Now she co-creates a Arte Kultur programme – a survey of the most interesting European news that delivers information about many fields, from architecture to popular culture. She speaks French fluently and was rewarded with the award “Richelieu - Défense de la langue française” (2006).

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