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Nikodem Bończa-Tomaszewski

Date and place of birth: 1974, Warsaw, Poland

Living place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: history, cultural institutions, digital archiving

ECC Participation: publication

photo: NAC

A historian, journalist, artist and managing director of the National Digital Archive (NDA) – an institution created by the Ministry of Culture for the purpose of digital archiving of Polish cultural resources. NDA was created in response to the immense technological progress in the field of recording, storing and accessing data.

“Digital archiving is about creating mechanisms that will make the information process themselves.”

He got his Ph.D. from the University of Warsaw. Received scholarships from the Foundation for Polish Science, the Ministry of National Education and the President of Warsaw.

Published two books, “Demokratyczna geneza nacjonalizmu” (2001) and “Źródła narodowości” (2006). Married, two children.