Vincent Baudriller


Date and place of birth: 1968, France

Living place: Avignon, France

Theme: theatre

ECC Participation: Congress Council

photo: Ilka Kramer

Vincent Baudriller has been the director of the international Festival d’Avignon since 2003, leading Europe’s most important theater event in partnership with co-director Hortense Archambault. His role in Festival d'Avignon started long before he became president. In 1992, he was appointed production assistant on the festival’s South American program, and went on to become the production manager and festival programming assistant for the entire event.

"Culture has to remain outside the realm of capitalism; it should not be subjected to market forces. That is the only way to protect Europe’s cultural identity.”

Baudriller took over the festival at a very difficult point in its history: the event had been canceled due to a strike (an incident that directly affected Krzysztof Warlikowski, whose play “The Dybbuk” was scheduled to have its world-premiere in Avignon). Baudriller and Archambault reorganized the festival, introducing such innovative solutions as the function of the “associate artist” – guest artists invited to provide significant input in each year’s edition, and for whom the festival is an opportunity to showcase a broad selection of their work. The first such artist was Thomas Ostermeier. Subsequent editions featured Jan Fabre (2005), Josef Nadj (2006), and Frederic Fisbach (2007).

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