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The results of "Art for social change" competition


We have a pleasure to inform that the following projects received grants in the program “Art for Social Change”:

1. In a drawer – Teatr Poddańczy
2. House of Change – Stowarzyszenie im. St. Brzozowskiego
3. Memory and Oblivion. Inforced Displacements and Expulsions in Women's Narratives – Fundacja Kobieca eFKa
4. Art Training in Wrocław Urban Space – Fundacja Splot
5. Sweeten the culture – Stowarzyszenie Starter
6. Sound education and social change. Educational experiences of Art and Technology Foundation – Fundacja Sztuka I Technologia
7. Attack of the space that is Crazy Dance – Stowarzyszenie Radość Życia
8. Radio Fish – Centrum Kultury Revers.

All the projects were evaluated by the following Commission members:

Marta Białek - Graczyk
Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska
Tomislav Domes
Marta Wójcicka
Joanna Rańda