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Meeting with the director of "Code Blue" film


After tomorrow's screening of "Code Blue" we invite everyone to a meeting with its director Urszula Antoniak and the protagonist Bien de Moor. Free entrance cards can be obtained at the Accreditation Pavilion.

“Code Blue”, Urszula Antoniak, Holland / Denmark 2011, 81’

Saturday, September 10, 8.30 p.m.
The Lower Silesian Film Centre, ul. Józefa PiƂsudskiego 64A

A compassionate nurse occasionally helps the terminally ill elderly to cross the border to the other side, always taking some kind of a fetish-souvenir. Her fragmentary personal life speeds up after she and the man from across become involuntary witnesses of a rape scene. Torn between the extremities of angelic sacrifice and pathological sex, the story is set against the minimalist, blue backdrop.
The screening is part of the FUNNY GAMES EU project.