Free zone / Captain Europe

Who Will Take Captain Europe’s Place?


The artists of Twożywo have prepared new episodes of Captain Europe especially for ECC. In the first installment, the superhero returns after a long period of absence. In the second, he participates in a certain culture congress. Of course, any resemblance to real persons and events is purely coincidental...

It’s the end of Captain Europe. The two new episodes are the last we’re going to see of the good Captain. First of all, that was how Twożywo’s Mariusz Libel and Krzysztof Sidorek planned it, and second of all… Twożywo is no more. The artists went on an indefinite hiatus on March 1.

Was the Captain the reason for the group’s breakup? Or maybe his mission has been accomplished? When he was created, 7 years go, Poland was not a part of the European Union and the Captain was supposed to push Poles to say “yes” in the EU membership referendum. With his mission accomplished, the subsequent episodes were created spontaneously. The Captain’s adventures became increasingly ironic, absurd and subversive. One couldn’t decide whether the Captain was really for or against the European Union. He bravely dealt with the absurdities of the free market, the so-called “prosperity” and exposed the emptiness of life centered around consumption. These notions were conveyed with simple graphics, slogans and wordplay, all of them hallmarks of Twożywo and their projects. 

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