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Trickster 2011: Rainbow Stand 2012

Monika Strzępka, Paweł Demirski

theatre / performance

2011-09-09 - 2011-09-10, 16:00 Polski Theatre in Wrocław

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A socio-theatrical project prepared by Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski - a duo well known for their acute and accurate diagnoses of social neuroses - addresses the democratization of public life in Poland. The point of departure for the authors were: the national excitement and momentum around the preparations for the European Football Championships held in Poland in 2012 and the activity of the first gay fan club of the Polish National Football Team. Using these stories Strzępka and Demirski have opened a discussion on the problems of the commercialization of public space and the social exclusion based on sexual or economic reasons.

The project was directly inspired by the Rainbow Stand 2012 Association, founded online in August 2010 ( The Association is dedicated to fighting for the acceptance of their identity and the access to all spheres of public life. Among the postulates listed on their website and in petitions to the organizers of the Euro 2012 games is a request that necessary security be provided to gay football fans at the Euro 2012 tournament and at league games by creating special sectors, known as “rainbow stands,” at Polish stadiums.

The screenplay is based on the events surrounding the website, with elements of literary fiction, and inspired by the histories of similar rights movements around Europe and news reports on homosexual football fans, players, and organizers.

The world premiere of “Rainbow Stand 2012” took place in Polski Theatre in Wrocław in March 2011.

Paweł Demirski

direction and light design: Monika Strzępka
stage design and costumes: Michał Korchowiec
video: Jacek Zachodny
music: Jan Suświłło
choreography: Rafał Urbacki

Mister Conspiracy - Michał Majnicz
Waiter - Marcin Pempuś
Teacher - Adam Cywka
Miss Court - Katarzyna Strączek
Miss President - Jolanta Zalewska
Po przejściach - Agata Skowrońska
Hetero - Mariusz Kiljan
Trainer - Jakub Giel
Dragqueen - Michał Chorosiński
Civil Servant - Michał Opaliński
Football fan - Michał Mrozek
Icone - Igor Kujawski

Trickster 2011 is curated by Agata Siwiak
In cooperation with Polski Theatre in Wrocław