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Trickster 2011: EU Green Card Lottery

Société Réaliste

theatre / performance

2011-09-08 - 2011-09-11 Four Domes Pavilion

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photo: Société Réaliste

This project consists in creating a website, a promotional campaign and an EU Green Card Lottery office that attests immigrants to the permanent resident status – all fictitious. Artists of the Société Réaliste refer to the US Green Card Lottery and parasite websites whose owners illegally charge potential immigrants a fee for lottery registration that in fact is for free. By their action, artists want to raise awareness of the problem of global migration, and to analyse the real – distilled from political correctness and demagogy – migration policies of the European Union.

Trickster 2011 is curated by Agata Siwiak
In cooperation with Polski Theatre in Wrocław