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Trickster 2011: 1973

Massimo Furlan

theatre / performance

2011-09-10 Feature Films Studio

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photo: Pierre Nydegger

„I remember this evening in April. It was in 1973. As always, my sister and I had been waiting for his moment for weeks. Finally it was starting and we could dream. Like us, millions of television viewers had their eyes riveted to the television screen. It was the most important evening of the Year. It was the Eurovision Singing Contest.”

Similarly to his previous projects, Massimo Furlan re-enacts specific cultural behavior, rituals, and celebrations – in this case a television show – the 1973 Eurovision Singing Contest. His goal is to replay an archive, to once again perform a historic event, to try to re-enact, as faithfully as possible, a television show.

At the core of the project lie memory and its representations. The re-enactment of the 1973 edition of the contest transcends into series of conversations with scientists which explain the anthropological, political, and sociological meaning of the cultural phenomenon of Eurovision back in those days. The Eurovision Contest (the first edition was held in Lugano in 1956) was among rare moments in the 1970s when the Europeans were united. The contest evolved in accordance with an immutable presentation ritual: one singer per country was selected to interpret a song, accompanied by an orchestra. It was broadcast live from the host country to the other participating countries. The Eurovision had a certain importance and it was treated seriously, and with reverence.

Although today the Eurovision contest somewhat disappears amidst similar daily variety shows, it was once perhaps the most important popular event in the collective imagination of the loyal European viewers. Many seem to forget that the contest also had a political agenda – it was invented after the war and was supposed to unify the divided and traumatized Europe.

Direction: Massimo Furlan
Playwright: Claire de Ribaupierre
Scenography : Massimo Furlan, Antoine Friderici
Lighting : Antoine Friderici
Starring : Massimo Furlan, Anne Delahaye, Stéphane Vecchione, Marc Augé, Serge Margel, Bastien Gallet

Trickster 2011 is curated by Agata Siwiak
In cooperation with Polski Theatre in Wrocław