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Trickster 2011:
A Treatise on the Anatomy of Bad Taste

Oskar Dawicki

theatre / performance

2011-09-08, 21:00 Feature Films Studio

informacje o biletach

photo: private archive

Oskar Dawicki, one of Poland’s most interesting performers, is preparing a multi-sensory project for the European Culture Congress, one that constitutes a reflection on contemporary aesthetic strategies. The main character of the performance will be Bad Taste, rather than the artists themselves (Dawicki along with Roland Zugzwang, one of the boldest interpreters of Chopin’s music, and Ryan Bromley).

As an inextricable part of the actions of artists, politicians, intellectuals, and celebrities, Bad Taste occupies an important place in contemporary Europe. Ambiguous and multidimensional, Bad Taste is at once repulsive and inspiring, embarrassing and pervertedly attractive.

The pieces presented at the event will include: “An Exhibition of Recent Work,” “Piano Recital by Roland Zugzwang”, and “Symbolic Refreshments by Ryan Bromley”.