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Trickster 2011:
Wege zur Behandlung von Schmerzen

Mirosław Bałka

exhibition / installation

2011-09-08 - 2011-09-11, 20:00 Four Domes Pavilion

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photo: Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny

Mirosław Bałka has chosen the west wing of the Four Dome Pavili on to present his latest project. His public-space sculptures tie into the history and character of the place where they are created, yet retain a universal and symbolic dimension with its rich history and complex, multicultural identity, Wrocław (and its Centennial Hall) seem to perfectly match the work of Bałka, whose art addresses the themes of memory, passing, loss, and redemption, in the personal and individual levels as well in the collective and cultural.

“Wege zur Behandlung von Schmerzen” is a play on the official rituals of memory and territorial identity. These rituals have been instrumentalized, sentimentalized, and are supposed to supplant the shameful and uncomfortable. It’s a play on celebrations that try to hide the crippled memory, full of impurities, remnants, and stains. It’s as utopian as it is destructive, because, to quote Pierre Nora’s “Realms of Memory,” “when memory is no longer ubiquitous, it vanishes altogether.” Acknowledging these stains and impurities means that we recogni ze our fears and powerlessness when dealing with the past – we can neither redeem nor understa nd it. It is that infected, impure memory that Mirosław Bałka references with his antifountain, a closed system, the poisoned well.

Trickster 2011 is curated by Agata Siwiak
In cooperation with Polski Theater in Wrocław