Art for Social Change:
Sound Education


photo: Tiru riru – dźwiękowa podróż od tradycji do awangardy/Sound trip from tradition to avant-garde

One of eight winning projects selected in the Art for Social Change competition conducted by the National Audiovisual Institute as part of the preparations for the European Culture Congress.

The initiative named „Sound education and social change“ refers to an educational aspect of the activity of the Foundation for Art and Technology, exemplified by the project ”Tiru riru. Sound trip from tradition to avant-garde”. “Tiru riru” was realized in the first half of 2011 in Lublin and Warsaw (Zachęta National Gallery of Art) by Catholic Society for People in Need AGAPE, in partnership with Foundation for Art and Technology and the Muzyka Kresów Foundation. Financial support for the project was provided by the Orange Academy. The main aim of the initiative was to enable its participants, namely children from socially disadvantaged environments, to encounter with traditional folk music, as well as with an electro-acoustic and electronic music improvisation. Apart from gaining the basic knowledge about the aforementioned music genres, along with history and psychology of music, children had an opportunity to meet artists and culture researchers, to participate in the construction of instruments and to try their hand at stage performance. The project was also a promotion of these less popular, non-mainstream music genres.

The „Sound education and social change“ project, to be executed at the European Culture Congress, includes a series of workshops, which present methods used in the „Tiru Riru“ project, and a concert of experimental and improvised music, with participation of artists being involved in the project.

We are asking all those who want to take part in the workshops to register at (for details see below).

Creators of the project: Mateusz Bąkała, Sebastian Mac
Curatated by Jarosław Grzesica
Artists: Konrad Chyl, Monika Mamińska-Domagalska, Ewa Grochowska, Artur Mańka-Chrzanowski aka Vasen Piparjuuri, Krzysztof Orluk, grupa kr39
The project is realized by the Art and Technology Foundation.

„Sound education and social change“ – timetable
September 10

10:00 Presentation of the educational activity of the Art and Technology Foundation and review of the details of the “Tiru Riru” project – its assumptions and products.
Host: Jarosław Grzesica

11:00 Workshop: “Active listening. Distinguishing the surrounding sounds.”
Host: Konrad Chyl

Active listening is an approach characterised by creative participation in the sonosphere. It is an important tool for composers of concrete music, sound environmentalists and artist going in for new improvisation (reductionism and free improv). Workshops are aimed at explaining the assumptions of active listening and presenting the related creative practices. In the first part, we will introduce the participants to basic notions in this field (soundscape, schizophonia, regeneration of perception, reductionism, epistemology of listening, concrete and acousmatic music). The second part will be devoted to practices in listening to and analysing the environment sounds. In the last (instrumental) part, participants will make themselves acquainted with various sound uttering techniques that make the basis of the micro-improv music (ultra-minimalism).

12:15 Workshop: „Sound space. Monophonic, stereophonic and quadraphonic method of sound reproduction.”
Hosts: Mateusz Bąkała and Sebastian Mac

Participants will familiarise themselves with the basics of sound design and reproduction. We will present basic sound reproduction systems (mono-, stereo- and quadraphonic) as well as simple, spatial audio effects like reverb or delay.

13:15 “Traditional music. Presentation of the vocal and instrumental heritage of the Eastern Europe.”
Hosts: Monika Mamińska-Domagalska and Ewa Grochowska

We will discuss issues concerning the traditional music education. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to accessibly transfer knowledge of traditional music, its rhythmic and instruments, regional variations and music/cultural universals; furthermore, they will also get acquainted with traditional games and songs.

14:15 “Electroacoustics and improvisation. The artist’s workshop.”
Host: Artur Mańka-Chrzanowski aka Vasen Piparjuuri

This workshop will accessibly introduce the participants to techniques and tools used in experimental music.

15:15 Summary and conclusion
Host: Jarosław Grzesica

17:00 Experimental music concert
Artists: Krzysztof Orluk / Vasen Piparjuuri / kr39

Registration for the workshop

We are asking all who want to take part in the workshops to answer the following questions:
1. Is education in the field of traditional and experimental music needed?
2. Why should I take part in the workshop “...” (please give the title of the workshop you are interested in)?
and to mail them to

Registration deadline is 20.08.2011. Those who qualify for the workshop will receive an e-mail by 25.08.2011. One person can apply for participation in max. 2 workshops.
Hosts will choose participants from among authors of the most interesting statements.

Creators and artists:

Mateusz Bąkała — creator and coordinator of ”Tiru riru“ project; works witch children and teenagers. As a musician, he explores the area of electroacoustic and experimental music, noise, musique concrète and field recordings. Associated with the Foundation for Art and Technology, Warsaw Electronic Festival, Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives "Crossroads", Lona Records, IHM Records, NikoLabel. Performed with Alexei Borisov (RU), Ilia Belorukov (RU), Zavoloka (UKR), Jacaszek (PL), HATI (PL), Gilles Aubrey (DE), Dario Fariello (IT), Mirt (PL).

Sebastian Mac — guitarist creating and performing experimental, electroacoustic and improvised music. Associated with the Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives "Crossroads", Music of the Frontier Foundation and Warsaw Electronic Festival. Co-creator of the educational project ”Tiru riru”.

Jarosław Grzesica — president of the Foundation for Art and Technology, art director of the Warsaw Electronic Festival. Experimental musician, curator of the new media projects, producer and promoter of the electronic music scene, music journalist, author of the workshops on technology of audiovisual production for Curator of the new media and electronic music exhibitions in Zachęta National Gallery of Art and others. Performs solo as Seed Project, and in duos: Gold Plated Face with Toshinori Kondo and T.A.S.E.E. with Mikołaj Trzaska. Founder and director of the WEF Laptop Orchestra.

Konrad Chyl — playing the percussion, electronic instruments, gramophone and various other items, he participated in numerous sessions of improvised music, together with Joel Grip, Pierre Borel, Krzysztof ,,Arszyn” Topolski, Mikołaj Pałosz, Patryk Lichota, Piotr Tkacz, Piotr Kala. Seeks for his own artistic formula (sound scenario), located somewhere in between concert and sound installation.

Monika Mamińska-Domagalska — since 1991 connected with the Muzyka Kresów Foundation, as organiser of conferences and scientific lectures, also in charge of vocal workshops all around Poland. For several years Monika Mamińska-Domagalska has been running, alongside with Jan Bernad, the Vocal Group of International School for Traditional Music. She has participated in the release of “Polish Songs” record and run the research project and series of workshops in Suwałki, Bialystok and Lublin regions.

Ewa Grochowska — singer, teacher of traditional singing, violinist; lecturer at the International School of Traditional Music in Lublin (attached to the “Muzyka Kresów” Foundation). She has perfected her skills under direction of recognised folklorists and ethnomusicologists from Poland and the Central and Eastern Europe. Among her other teachers were also traditional folk singers from Mazowsze, Lubelszczyzna and Polesie (Ukraine) regions as well as folk violinists like Jan Gaca from Przystałowice Małe. Co-creator of the Kapela Braci Dziobaków z Woli Destymflandzkiej.

Artur Mańka-Chrzanowski — performs under the stage name Vasen Piparjuuri. At present associated with the community of Warsaw Electronic Festival. Fascinated with emotional dimension of music but also with its objective, formal structure, he creates diverse and ambitious musical form, with numerous references to Aphex Twin and Dither works.

Krzysztof Orluk — ambient/drone/experimental/minimal style musician, sound designer and mastering engineer. Orluk's music is the compromise between the world of digital and
analogue hardware, software, acoustic, electroacoustic sounds and field recordings.
He presented his works at Warsaw Electronic Festival, Tauron New Music Festival, Wro Art Biennale, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Festiwal Ambientalny, Nu:Fonia Festival, ”Tiru Riru[...]”, as well as in University Planetarium in Częstochowa and Polish Radio EURO. So far, Krzysztof has released two official music albums, his tunes are also presented on several VA compilations.

kr39 — music formation combining traditional folk songs with improvised electroacoustic music. Selected performances: Warsaw Electronic Festival, Museumssommernacht Dresden, Festival of Musical Tradition and Avant-Guarde ”Kody”. Group members: Monika Mamińska-Domagalska, Konrad Chyl, Sebastian Mac and Mateusz Bąkała.

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