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Each one and Everybody, Open-Air Event

Groupe F

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2011-09-09, 21:30 Slodowa Island

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photo: Thierry Nava

Groupe F is one of the most famous fireworks theaters in the world. It is known for its spectacular open-air performances as well as its enormous pyrotechnic displays over such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, London’s Big Ben, and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

This year, the artists in Groupe F are preparing to descend upon the Słodowa Island, where they will hold parallel performances specially prepared for the European Culture Congress. The new show is inspired by the historic part of Wrocław, which is scattered among verdant islands linked by bridges. To the artists, the architecture and character of this place evoked associations with the idea of democracy. The performance will therefore take place on several planes, symbolizing the separation between the private and that which is shared and public.

Groupe F produces more than just its own shows ― it actually builds all the equipment used in their performances. “We invent and make everything ourselves, even the fireworks launchers and the flame machines. Aside from computers, none of our equipment is available on the market,” says Eric Travers, one of the leaders of the group