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2011-09-09 - 2011-09-10, 19:00 Four Domes Pavilion

informacje o biletach

This project, developed by the Supermarket group, is a type of contact hub for representatives of various institutions, nongovernmental organizations and independent groups operating in the cultural sector. Potential cooperation partners are given the opportunity to present themselves through 30-second-long video business cards and the “Cultural Supermark et” Polaroid bulletin board.

“We want to abolish the stereotype that culture doesn’t sell. We think it isn’t true – it’s just a tag we’re all stuck with. It’s not about sales, it’s about cooperation, working cooperatively. Each of us has a set of unique skills. It’s time to showcase this potential in a lively, unforgettable way.” (Supermarket)

From the material received and shot during an emerge films – supplemented by presentations of the statements, "eaters of culture." Shoemaker, taxi driver, a nurse will answer to questions: what for culture is for them? Which culture they want?. These films will be presented twice each day of the Congress in the festival club, and eventually will be Linked to the Internet.

Action will take place on 8-10 September. Everyone willing to participate can send materials by 1 September to:

Welcome to the rest position in the Film Studio in Wroclaw during the EKK, which will be located the position of the recording of their speeches.