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Summary of the Jury’s decision


Summary of the Jury’s decision

First Place: Damon Wolf

The first prize will be awarded to Damian Ascenzzi for his modern, spectacular, and yet clear means of expression – an original dynamic collage combining two levels of discourse: the editing and image manipulation level, as well as the level concerning the history of the dockyards and the Solidarity movement. The poster is conceptually clear, attractive, and communicative from a formal standpoint. It’s documental and audiovisual at the same time, and it presents the scale and importance of the events that started in 1980 and ended with the dockyards’ closure in a very accessible way. The jury was especially impressed with the dynamic combination of visuals and sounds, the unique treatment of visual material, particularly when it comes to spatiotemporal relations, and the coherence and intelligence of the narrative.

Second Place: 8mm Group

The second prize will be awarded to Tomasz Wolszczak for his original and creative approach to visual and audio material, which in his hands became very clearly and attractively linked. The video, with its synthetic and dynamic form, presents the events that took place between 1980 and 1989, which shook the communist system to its core and started a process which would ultimately lead to the system’s collapse. The authors have combined the hybrid audiovisual construct with the narrative in a very interesting way, creating and expressive documental remix with high aesthetic value.

Third Place: Visual Hijack

The third prize will be awarded to Jacek Tymoszuk, whose intriguing, multimedia piece, sometimes taking on the form of art installation, elaborates on the events that took place in Gdańsk in 1980. By combining archival footage with present-day depiction of the shipyard as a space for graffiti, the author has not only obtained a clear, striking visual effect but has also constructed a modern perspective from which we can look at the events of August of 1980. The jury was especially impressed with the attractiveness and artistic value of the visual part of the piece and the quality of the audio part.

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